My friend Nikki and I have re-discovered a real TV gem.

We were (and are) both fans of the popular series “Saved by the Bell”. Who couldn’t love Zac Morris and the gang’s endless shenanigans?! They aim to please.

Anyways, at 3am, we found ourselves sitting at my kitchen table watching what could possibly be the best episode of that hallowed series: JESSIE’S SONG

Here is a brief synopsis for those non-Bayside-ites out there: 

 Jessie Spano becomes extremely overwhelmed because of her pending geometry test and her new girl-group, “Hot Sundae”. So, she turns to caffeine pills to buoy her up in her stressful time. Slater, her boyfriend, confronts her and she gets defensive about her “drug-dependency problem”.

Eventually, she has a melt down and amidst her anguish, belts out, in perfect song, “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so…scared!”

All I have to say is thank you for this amazing clip and thank you Jessie Spano for ignoring Slater’s concern so that we viewers could witness the best on-screen break down to ever hit the small screen.

It’s an after-school special at its finest.

Even after seeing this episode probably hundreds of times in my adolescence, it never gets old. If you are not a fan of “Saved by the Bell”, I recommend that you definitely look into it.  

 You can thank me later. 


LOL, really?

June 28, 2007


My brother and I chat online a lot while I am at work. He sends me some of the funniest videos, websites, and (more recently) recites the goofiest poetry, etc. Basically, I laugh audibly in the office while my co-workers think me a fool.

At some point, I will post the funnies that I am given everyday. But for now, there is a weightier matter at hand: the use of the online acronym “lol”.

Directly translated, “lol” means “laugh(ing) out loud”. So, when you are in a conversation with someone and you put “lol”, you are saying that you are literally “laughing out loud”. If you are not really laughing out loud, you should probably use “haha”.

“LOL” has been taken for granted. I have seen it. People are handing out their “lol”s like pretzels. I have been chatting it up with my brother and we have been trying to come up with new alternatives to the “lol” craze. We have devised a few new acronyms. What do you think?:

pmpf: pee my pants funny

cuol: cracking up out loud

wh: wicked hilarious

My personal favorite is “pmpf”. Apparently, I am not the originator of that one ( But, I did think of it on my own without consulting that website. So, I will claim it proudly. I hope it catches on (much like I hope the b.log verb does) and is used (almost) literally–don’t pee your pants.

“Cuol” could work too because it’s one of those acronyms that can be said how it is spelled and sound like “cool”.

Anyways, I am not saying that “lol” should be off limits. But, please use it with the weight it deserves.

Do you have any creative acronyms?

Summer lovin’

June 27, 2007

I participated in a barbeque  last night. It involved burgers, watermelon, and swimming. In lieu of that blessed event, I have decided I should make a list of the most summer-esque things.

watermelon with a spoon, barbeques, the trampoline, slip n’ slides, sprinklers, otter pops, Beach Boys, flip flops, playing “colors” in the pool, pillow sandwiches, buying school supplies, mosquitos, brush fires, those little rings and sticks that you throw at the bottom of the pool and then fetch, my birthday, bike-riding…

 That is all I can think of.

What reminds you of summer? 

Oh the humanity!

June 27, 2007

Have you ever seen a movie involving someone getting shot by a bow and arrow? Or maybe someone getting stabbed? They get stabbed or shot and the knife or arrow remains protruding halfway out of their body.

Have you ever noticed that if they get shot or stabbed in the front of their body, they fall backwards? It’s never forwards.

I just wanted to say that I am grateful to the movie companies for doing this. I cringe at the thought of someone falling forward and making the knife or arrow sink deeper into their body. It literally makes me sick. Talk about adding insult to injury!


June 26, 2007

In my quest to find a name for my blog, I consulted my closest friends and family and asked them “What epitomizes Beth?” The following are some of the responses that I got:



food for thought




Ideally, I would have liked to have it be called, but no punctuation marks are allowed. Instead, I went for the next best thing: bdotlog. I am hoping it will catch on and I will infect the masses with my b.lingo (thanks Keenan). In fact, I have just declared that “b.log” is a verb. For example,  you could say “today I b-logged a new band I found”, etc. The possibilities are endless. It will become the hot new slang.

More to come.