Summer lovin’

June 27, 2007

I participated in a barbeque  last night. It involved burgers, watermelon, and swimming. In lieu of that blessed event, I have decided I should make a list of the most summer-esque things.

watermelon with a spoon, barbeques, the trampoline, slip n’ slides, sprinklers, otter pops, Beach Boys, flip flops, playing “colors” in the pool, pillow sandwiches, buying school supplies, mosquitos, brush fires, those little rings and sticks that you throw at the bottom of the pool and then fetch, my birthday, bike-riding…

 That is all I can think of.

What reminds you of summer? 

6 Responses to “Summer lovin’”

  1. Christian Says:

    substituting bathing for swimming and green hair.
    lovingly, Ch

  2. Keenan Says:

    no night, all night long…in Alaska. At least longer days for us!

  3. Mom Cummings Says:

    How about this for a name…Bebble ( wombo for Beths bubble )
    ….also you spelled mosquito wrong. It’s my job to correct your spelling..I’m your Mama… Love ya to the Moon…Your mama

  4. Faye Says:

    Hmmm (always thinking – that’s good, isn’t it?)… Summeresque (great word!)… Barbeque instead of barbeques… Your Uncle Les loves to cook out so we enjoy his grilling often. He just got a new one, consequently, we’ve had burgers and/or Oscar Mayer’s every eve for almost a week. Love it!

    Mosquitos, bird poo all over the car/porch/laundry drying on the line, paying through the nose to have someone spend 10 minutes mowing Grandma’s lawn (the Winteresque version is the snow removal in her driveway and sidewalks), fresh raspberries every morning, air conditioning, shade, childhood delights (no school, friends, running through the sprinkler, bike rides, fishing), ice cream! Those are some of the Summeresque things I can think of. Missing you is a year-round-esque thing for me. 🙂

  5. Adge Says:

    You forgot fireworks, rainbow jello, and lemonade stands! I love ur blog :o)

  6. Uncle Les Says:

    I think of the “red racoon” face burn acheived by wearing sunglasses with large lenses and frames and no sunscreen. I think of ticks and they scare the bee jeebers out of me. I think that’s how you spell bee jeebers, and how can you get bee jeebers back inside of you once they’re displaced by distress? It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy with the fish jumpin’ and the cotton is high…

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