oh positive.

July 4, 2007

I love donating blood. Is that morbid? I would like to say that I like it because I am doing good for my fellow man. However, my motives are far less noble. I like giving blood for the following reasons:

1. Free “treats”

2. Cool sticker that says “Be nice to me. I gave blood today.” or “Buy me lunch. I gave blood today.”

3. A good excuse to sleep a lot and drink/eat yummy stuff.

4. Cool colorful bandage.

5. No heavy lifting for 24 hours=I have an excuse to be lazy for a day.

I have been donating blood at the Orem center every eight weeks for the past 2 years, give or take a few times. I don’t want to brag but, a few months ago, I was given a pin from the donation center. It was for donating a total of a gallon of blood at that center alone. I have actually been donating since I was 16. I just love it. If there are any skeptics out there, don’t be! It does not hurt….ok maybe for a fraction of a second.

I gave blood when I was in high school. Now, every eight weeks, the ARC calls me and asks me to donate. And, I willingly oblige them.

I have given platelets too. That is a little bit more of a process. You get a needle in each arm and it takes about 90 minutes. But, there are perks that come with donating platelets. (You get the same things you get when you give blood, but there is more) Basically, they are twofold:

1. You get to watch a movie of your choice with your own headphones–the Orem center has an amazing selection

2. They give you a big warm blanket because the loss of blood makes you cold.

When you give platelets, they take the blood out from one arm, separate and keep the platelets, and then pump the remaining blood components back into the other arm. The platelets are used for cancer patients.

After writing this whole entry, I feel the need to change what I said earlier. I do like all of the perks of donating blood. But, I also do feel good for helping out. For every pint of blood you give (think the size of those little Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tubs), you are saving 3 lives. Each and every component of your blood is used.

I think that if you can give blood, you should. Your blood replenishes itself every 8 weeks. So, you will always have some to give.

I have nothing else to say on the subject. The end.




5 Responses to “oh positive.”

  1. kos Says:

    Oh Beth! You have no idea how scared I am of blood, needles, shots, etc. Reading this entry made me a bit queasy. However, despite my phobia, I fully support your donations. If it weren’t for blood-lovers like you, what would the rest of us do? (p.s. have you read Twilight yet?)

  2. Rachel Says:

    I can’t believe you like giving blood so much! That’s great though, I wish I could say the same. You are a trooper!


  3. Keenan Says:

    man….I guess I never thought of it like that. Maybe now I will give

  4. Joslynn Says:

    My only experience with giving blood consisted of a five hour wait in my school’s library while I waited for a friend to recover consciousness.
    It was a drama in and of itself.

    On a side note…
    I truly enjoyed reading your blog– entertaining posts, intuitive thoughts, creative ideas– you have it all on here. By all means, link to me! This stuff is too good not to share.

  5. Queen Supreme Says:

    I agree. I like giving blood too.

    I was sad this month, I wasn’t able to donate last week, my red blood cell count was too low. I was surprised how disapointed I was.

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