girls gone mild

July 20, 2007

I was watching TV as I got ready for work this morning (usually E.R. and The Today Show on the commercials) and I came across something that was so pleasing to me. There was a segment called “Girls Gone Mild”on the Today show. It promoted modesty in fashion!! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see a topic I am so passionate about on a national show.

Don’t get me wrong…if tight skinny jeans and mini skirts are your thing, all the more power to you! But, let’s keep it age appropriate, mkay?! Those kind of clothes have there time and place, if any at all.

A tube top and a mini skirt are okay, if they are going over a swimsuit. but, if you want to be taken seriously, don’t wear those things outside the apartment, laundromat, or pool.


Call me old fashioned, but I like the clothes that pay homage to people like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lucille Ball. I think these icons could really teach us a thing or two about real fashion. Their modesty shows that they are classy and serious about what they are doing.

I am just pleased that the media is catching on! 🙂 What is your take on fashion?


3 Responses to “girls gone mild”

  1. roommate Says:

    So glad you found a topic. Whew! Petal popping is nothing like pill popping, although it is just as exciting and produces about the same reaction….I would imagine. 🙂 Come on over to the CL582 with a rose and I will gladly give you a lesson. Pretty much it’s just making loud noises with flowers. What more could you ask for?

  2. kristen Says:

    my name is kristen.
    not roommate.
    my bad.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Modest is the hottest! I agree with you.

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