You really can’t stop the beat

July 25, 2007

I saw Hairspray the other day.

I could go on for days about how much I adore this movie. Instead, I will do my best to summarize my feelings.

First, let me say that this movie makes me happy. As I sat in the theater, I was beaming the whole time. The music is amazing and the acting incredible. In fact, I never knew I liked musicals that much until I saw this movie.

And, yes, the soundtrack is incredible. You need to see the movie first or else the soundtrack has little significance or meaning. But, after seeing the movie, you will likely be traipsing around singing “Welcome to the 60s” under your breath. It’s true! Ask my roommates–they can attest to my almost annoying singing of the soundtrack literally all the time. I am borderline obsessed. I think my “You Can’t Stop the Beat” ring tone is another evidence of that. I was in the car the other day blasting “Without Love” on my stereo and grinning like an idiot. I am sure that anybody who looked over to me in my car thought I was crazy.

If you don’t like musicals that much, I suggest you see it for the mere fact that John Travolta is hilarious as Edna Turnblad.


(Look at those manly Travolta hands!)

I am not sure if it is his “woman” accent or his so-called Baltimore accent, but the way he speaks is amazing and hilarious. As I watched the movie, I was secretly wishing that my sister was sitting next to me. Everything seems to be funnier when she is around.

This is a great movie. It’s like a modern-day “Grease”. I love “Grease” but I like Hairspray better. “Grease” is a bit crass with it’s many innuendos. But, “Hairspray” is innuendo-free. And, it has a great message about tolerance.

I think I am rambling. Just go see it! You will love it. It will change your life.

5 Responses to “You really can’t stop the beat”

  1. Shauna Says:

    Oh i know exactly what you mean Beth…exactly. I am glad you too understand everything that IS hairspray.

  2. Rubi Says:

    agreed. 1000%. Abbie and I sincerely sang and danced along the entire time. It’s like a drug. It should be illegal to feel so happy.

  3. Rubi Says:

    p.s. love the sight redo. very hip.

  4. becki. Says:

    Hi. I don’t know you at all. BUT I do know that Hairspray is easily and by far the best movie I’ve seen all summer. I coudn’t even believe how difficult it was for me to supress the urge to start dancing in the aisle of the theater. ahhhh soooo good.

  5. Kos Says:

    I want to see this so bad. I love love LOVE the picture you have on this post. It’s persuading me to try this movie out. I swear to you, as soon as it hits the dollar theatre I’m all over it (oh, and keenan too). HA.

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