Not-so-useless knowledge

September 22, 2007

Are you ever watching TV and wonder “Who sings that song on that commercial?”

Maybe you think, “Why do people yawn?”

Ever ponder, “What ever happened to the guys from New Kids on the Block?”

I know I do. I have the most random thoughts. And, if you know me at all, you know that I look everything up. In fact, some of my most visited websites are IMDb, Wikipedia, and Yahoo! Answers, emphasis on the latter.

Before the internet, I would hear something, wonder about it, and settle on the fact that I probably would never get an answer to my looming questions. I wished there was a hot line to call to get random answers such as the ones listed above. But, no such hot line existed.

Then I learned about Yahoo! Answers. My world was never the same.

I am obsessed with looking stuff up. I look up song lyrics, movies, “how-to”s, news, etc. You name it, I look it up.

In fact, my brother came over the other day and told me a story about a crazy cat and after he left, I immediately looked up catnip. I just get curious. I get excited that I can get my questions answered so quickly. Perhaps this could lead to a serious impatience problem in the future.

I am convinced that, when I am old, I will be the world’s leading expert on useless knowledge. But, I am okay with that. My dad is very smart. He gets most of his smarts from History Channel shows, Discovery Channel specials, and radio broadcasts that he listens to on his way to and from work. He never ceases to amaze me with the random factoids he is privy to. He is a connoisseur of said useless knowledge. And, I am such a connoisseur, but in a new sense; my knowledge comes from a new way of thinking and getting that knowledge. Thank you internet! So, I am willing and proud to pass on the useless knowledge legacy. I’ll make you proud daddy!

I get my best facts form the bizarre questions people ask. Have any weird random questions? I am always interested to hear the funny questions people have. Just go to and scroll down. You will see everything (careful, people can get pretty candid about certain things)! Here are some funny/interesting questions:

Do dogs have nightmares?

How do you prepare duck bill platypus?

I forgot to mention that Yahoo!Answers has a cool points system. You should definitely check it out.


Please enjoy Will Forte.

September 15, 2007

This video is hilarious. Please enjoy WIll Forte’s gusto. That is what I call pure joy.