Look what I can do.

January 31, 2008

I made this flyer for my Print Publishing class. I am now officially a designer (although my brother might beg to differ). Still it was cool to make it and learn how to use the program.


Cool, huh?


The Million Dollar Question

January 11, 2008

What makes me happy?

I was recently asked this question, and to my utter shock, I could not answer it for the life of me! What makes me tick? What makes each day interesting and full?

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy?

Mmm….I thought if I changed the emphasis of the words, it would be easier to answer. But, no. What a scary thought!

I know some of you will leave comments or think of things that would make one happy like “laughing” and “ice cream” and “shopping”, but I am not waking up every morning thinking Oh goody! I get to laugh today! Life is complete! Don’t get me wrong; I like to laugh. It is just not a driving force in my life. Maybe it sounds cynical. But, I want to find out what REALLY makes me tick.  What really makes me feel full and complete.

I still don’t know. Maybe it will come with time.

I certainly hope so.


Today was a busy one. One thing I looked forward to was getting my pictures developed at Costco. They conveniently have a 1-hour photo service, so I decided to peruse the store while I waited.

I had a whole hour to kill. I tuned my iPod to the soothing tunes of Ms. Norah Jones and meandered. I could barely hear the hustle and bustle around me. The background was faint as I took advantage of what the ultimate wholesale club store had to offer. I remember eating some delicious samples. I walked up and down observing the over-sized crates and boxes that lined the store. I wandered over to the book section hoping to find something that tickled my fancy. I needed something to keep me busy for the remaining 40 minutes I had until my pictures would be ready. The choices were few. I picked up a book called “How to Say It” and immediately searched for a place to sit. I knew Costco would have a landscape of furniture selections. I chose a puffy, leather armchair hidden behind boxes and plopped down.

Even with all of the craziness, I found peace for just a few minutes.  I was in a huge, insanely busy superstore. I felt alone. It was a good alone. It was nice..

Sometimes, peace is so much better when found in an unlikely place. It is a triumphant feeling when I am able to do so.