Serenity in an unlikely place.

January 3, 2008


Today was a busy one. One thing I looked forward to was getting my pictures developed at Costco. They conveniently have a 1-hour photo service, so I decided to peruse the store while I waited.

I had a whole hour to kill. I tuned my iPod to the soothing tunes of Ms. Norah Jones and meandered. I could barely hear the hustle and bustle around me. The background was faint as I took advantage of what the ultimate wholesale club store had to offer. I remember eating some delicious samples. I walked up and down observing the over-sized crates and boxes that lined the store. I wandered over to the book section hoping to find something that tickled my fancy. I needed something to keep me busy for the remaining 40 minutes I had until my pictures would be ready. The choices were few. I picked up a book called “How to Say It” and immediately searched for a place to sit. I knew Costco would have a landscape of furniture selections. I chose a puffy, leather armchair hidden behind boxes and plopped down.

Even with all of the craziness, I found peace for just a few minutes.  I was in a huge, insanely busy superstore. I felt alone. It was a good alone. It was nice..

Sometimes, peace is so much better when found in an unlikely place. It is a triumphant feeling when I am able to do so.

One Response to “Serenity in an unlikely place.”

  1. kristen Says:

    profound. I love it.

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