Lost in translation?

July 31, 2008

I was visiting Yahoo! Answers looking for advice to help with dry skin. I stumbled upon this bizarre response. I am guessing someone tried to translate it to English. Nevertheless, it made me giggle.

1, with the cut-thin cucumber cry from Lane 10 minutes, and deposited on the face.

2, bedside incite small cucumber, spring and summer every day, a week after whitening results are obvious.

3, prepared a small cup milk, steamed steam face Lunch will breathe fresh milk, deposited in their faces for 15 minutes, Remove the water clean. Long-term, will made their uniform color.

4, 50 grams of honey, egg-1, both homogeneous mixing, bedside with a soft brush dry brush in the face, gradually massages, about 30 minutes after the natural dried, the water washed two times a week can squeeze, lift, clean skin whitening.

5, fragrant with strawberry juice, place in egg white, every 2-3 days a rub.

6 daily egg white and honey, plus a few drops lemon juice made from a mixture of surface, no skewers to the skin will also be difficult.

7 If in size can be directly coated with egg white in the face, and 15 to 20 minutes after washing can

2 Responses to “Lost in translation?”

  1. collin Says:

    best…. post….. ever……

  2. kos Says:


    Hee hee! I love this!

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