love this.

October 24, 2008

I am admittedly an I Love Lucy fan. That is why I decided that I will find a copy of this song and somehow sing it or incorporate it when I have kids.

And I will tell my husband just like Lucy did.


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Callings and happenings.

October 7, 2008

This post is more for me than anything else. And being that the same three people who read my blog already know about this, I thought I would put this here for my needs. I took an excerpt form my journal. Enjoy.

Here is the news: My mission call came.

I was getting really frustrated because Michael Pyne’s call came more than a week before mine and our papers were sent to SLC the same day. He is going to Chile. Every day, I was disappointed when the call was not in the mailbox. Then, Saturday (10/4/08), my mom and I were at Walmart getting groceries for Sunday dinner. My dad called and told my mom that my call was there. My heart skipped a beat. Because it was looming over my head, I was so so so so nervous! We got home and didn’t even bring in the groceries. Everyone gathered around the table (including Curt and Cameron’s friend, Matt) and Collin, Holly and Adri were on the phones. Keenan was ready with his digital camera. I opened the mission call, flipped it over quickly to make sure it was real, turned it back to the blank side and exclaimed, “This is actually it!” Ready to read it, I turned it back to the side with the text and began to read:

Dear Sister Cummings, You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

At this point, the magnitude of the situation got the best of me and I got a bit emotional. I was so embarrassed to get teary in front of everybody (I am sure Cameron’s friend thought the whole situation in and of itself was a bit bizarre) but I kept reading.

You are assigned to labor in the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.

Adri screamed through the speaker of Koseli’s phone. I was shocked. I am sure my face said it all. I scrolled down looking for my departure date. I was sure (because many people had assured me) that I would be leaving after the holidays. Michael is leaving on January 7th, so I was sure I would be leaving sometime near that.

You should report to the Missionary Training Center at Provo, Utah on Wednesday, 19 November 2008. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the English language.

I must admit I was initially sad that I would miss the holidays. I love the holidays at home. I won’t get to help my mom shop and cook and decorate. And I was sure that the fact that I have taken 7 years of French would have some bearings on my call. I guess you can never tell.

Here are some pictures that Keenan and Koseli took:

^ Me apologizing for getting emotional. Then getting emotional.

^ There it is. My mission call.

^ HA! I kind of love this one. It really says it all. This is me discovering how soon I am leaving. That reaction is 100% real.

After some time has passed, I am more at peace and way excited to go! I can’t wait.